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Dr. Guy was featured in the HealthTap blog this week!  Check out the article to learn more about Dr. Guy, her own health issues and who she has overcome them.

 Multiple Sclerosis and a Physician’s Journey

Dr. Cynthia Guy’s journey with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) began when she was diagnosed at the age of 60. As both a doctor and a patient, she has a unique perspective on treatment. Combined with her drive to control her health, she was able to find a way to dramatically diminish her symptoms. She shares her experiences and advice in her book entitled, “Love Yourself Healthy: A Physician’s Guide to Healing MS.”


MS is a chronic disease that affects the nerves. In fact, MS is one of the most common causes of neurological disability among young people — it is estimated that 30 out of every 100,000 people1 have MS. At this time, no one knows the exact cause and no cure is yet available. But, according to Dr. Guy, the key is to be proactive about your health and find the treatments that will help you feel better and get healthier.


After being diagnosed, Dr. Guy focused on changing her lifestyle and nutrition and is now a proponent of managing your gut health through a gluten-free diet. She believes the relationship between what you eat and your immune system is critical for MS patients. For her, this change in nutrition and lifestyle was and continues to be the key to helping her feel healthier and happier.


Dr. Guy understands the emotional and physical toll of MS. She is compassionate and dedicated to helping individuals achieve a healthier and more vibrant life. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Guy by visiting her Virtual Practice page to discuss this, and other healthy living topics.




Dr. Cynthia Guy, MD, Pain Management & Health Coach
Dr. Guy is a physician, certified health coach & gluten free practitioner, author, and founder of NutriLife Wellness LLC.


1World Health Organization (2008). Atlas: Multiple Sclerosis Resources in the World 2008:

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