How To Eat Yourself Thin

How To Eat Yourself Thin

EatYourselfthinHow To Eat Yourself Thin

To lose weight, the golden rule is to eat less and exercise more. But, what if there was a way eat certain foods that would allow you to increase your metabolism and allow you to eat more while still shedding pounds? Adding certain foods to your diet will definitely encourage your body to release energy from stored fat while allowing you to eat more and feel fuller longer. Here’s what you need to know to jumpstart your weight loss journey.


Grapefruits have long been a staple for those looking to control calorie consumption. But, in addition to being low calorie, grapefruits also have the added benefit of offering vital enzymes and a load of carbohydrates that will help keep your appetite at bay for longer periods of time. And, if that weren’t enough, grapefruits also contain a secret weapon in the fight against weight loss. This compound helps to lower insulin release, which keeps glucose from being whisked away and stored as fat.


Cucumbers are a great source of vital hydration, which is an essential element of weight loss as well as much needed fiber. In addition, cucumbers are extraordinarily low calorie, making it the trifecta of weight loss foods. Eat cucumbers daily to ensure that you are getting adequate hydration to keep your kidneys and liver functioning normally while limiting your caloric intake. And, don’t worry about being hungry in five minutes, the fiber in the cucumber will keep you satisfied for much longer than you might think.


Kiwis are great for weight loss due to their high vitamin and mineral content as well as their positive impact on your digestive health. Kiwis are perfect to eat any time of the day or night and offer you a lightweight snack that is sure to keep your sweet tooth in check while encouraging your body to shed those unwanted pounds.


When it comes to leafy green veggies, kale packs more power bite for bite than any other green. Kale offers up plenty of appetite suppressing fiber while ensuring that you get the calcium you need for bone and blood health. You also get a full dose of many essential vitamins and minerals that you may be falling short on when following a low calorie diet.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have long been the staple of television commercials, but have recently made headlines regarding their ability to encourage weight loss. Mixing chia seeds in a liquid creates a gel that can be used as a meal replacement at any time of the day.

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