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Dr. Guy is qualified to support patients in the state of Missouri with the following issues:


Pain Management

Dr. Guy has over 20 years of experience with pain management.  As a member of the American Academy of Pain Management and the Founder of the West County Pain Control Center in St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Guy has treated thousands of patients with acute and chronic pain.

Dr. Guy’s approach is to evaluate the patient as a whole  to determine the root cause of their pain. A key component of her protocol is to examine gut dysbiosis in relation to pain and chronic inflammation since scientific evidence shows a strong connection between the two.  In addition, Dr. Guy’s recommendations often incorporate complementary modalities such as nutrition, exercise and psychological support as needed.


Auto-Immune Disease

According to Hippocrates, “All diseases begin in the gut.” When presented with auto-immune symptoms, Dr. Guy’s approach is to evaluate gut health to determine if intestinal permeability — also known as leaky gut — is impeding the immune system to function properly.  Improper function can cause inflammation, chronic pain, fatigue, and poor quality of life.  How do we heal the gut?  By eating nutrient dense food,  decreasing stress, and promoting exercise.


Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Guy knows what she’s talking about when it comes to MS but she has dealt with the challenges of the disease herself for over 15 years.  Initially doctors told her she would be bed-ridden within months of her initial diagnosis.  But Dr. Guy has beat those odds and continues to thrive despite her MS symptoms.  If you have MS and don’t want to rely on drug therapy to get relief, talk to Dr. Guy.


Weight Management

Dr. Guy would love to support you in weight management using a solid nutritional and medical approach to this serious issue.  Dr. Guy can personally testify to the benefits of healing the gut to promote weight loss.  Once she implemented a plan which incorporated nutrient dense foods free of gluten, she easily shed over 50 pounds.  Losing this extra weight re-energized not only her body but her mind.  You can do this, too, if you’re motivated to alleviate an underlying chronic condition and improve your quality-of-life.

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