How To Lose Weight By Identifying Hidden Sugars

How To Lose Weight By Identifying Hidden Sugars

How To Lose Weight By Identifying Hidden Sugars

When it comes to losing weight, the first recommendation is to eliminate sugar from your diet. And, while it is easy to identify and remove many sources of sugar, there are many hidden dangers in most of today’s processes foods. The truth is that all sugars, even natural ones, have a huge impact on the metabolism and can undermine your ability to lose weight and keep it off.

To End Sugar Cravings, Your Body Needs to Burn Fat as Its Primary Fuel

In order to lose weight and eliminate your cravings for sugar, the key is to transition your body from burning sugar as its primary source of energy to burning fat. Once you are able to make this transition, you eliminate your body’s need for a constant intake of sugar and can begin to reduce your caloric intake in a more sustainable way.

The Sugar Impact Scales: A New Way of Looking at Sugar

The first step in retraining the way your body operates is to get baseline weight and waist to hip ratio measurements. The next step is to review all of the items in your home and identify potential hidden sugar.

In order to identify hidden sugars in food, it is important to look for key terms in nutrition labels such as fructose. Fructose is a natural sugar that is found in many fruits and processed foods. The reason that this is important is that fructose, while low on the glycemic index, does not trigger the insulin response when consumed. Because insulin and leptin aren’t triggered, your brain doesn’t recognize that you have eaten. Those calories are used and are stored as fat, leaving your body to continue to ask for food.

The Three Cycles of the Retraining Your Body

Begin transitioning from foods that contain high levels of sugar to those that don’t. Limit your daily fructose intake to 5 grams by reducing fruit intake and switching from regular pasta to quinoa. Slowly start stretching the time in between meals from two hours to longer intervals to decrease insulin spikes. Your body will begin to transition from burning sugar to burning fat in as little as two weeks. You will notice fewer cravings and a decreased appetite once this happens.

The Maintenance Phase

Once your body has established fat as its primary fuel source, it is easy to go longer periods of time without eating, making it easier to maintain your new weight. Incorporating high impact interval training exercise to promote maximum caloric expenditure and muscle growth during each workout.

During this phase you can begin reintroducing foods with higher sugar content, but in moderation.

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